Who are we..?


Reviving Hope:

A humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organization specializing in mental health, psychosocial support, protection and capacity building. The organization invests its resources in improving the psychological and social situation of war-affected Syrians and protecting them in accordance with international standards of protection. Internally displaced persons and refugees, and to sustain the service by empowering individuals from the target communities.

Business sectors:

 The organization provides services to all segments of society

(women, men, children) within the following sectors:

– Protection sector (child protection, gender-based violence, land

and property education, mine risk education).

– Mental health and psychosocial support sector.

– Education sector.

Work fields:

Most of the projects run by the organization provide services according to the intervention pyramid (the IASC pyramid).

Experience in FAO:

The organization has many expertise and competencies in its field of expertise in mental health and psychosocial support.

It also includes working teams trained in the activities carried out by the organization.

Contact info:

Email : info@hope-revival.ngo

Facebook : hope.revival.ngo

Twitter : hoperevival_org

Instagram : hope.revival

Phone : +90 342 215 13 99

Mobile : +90 506 174 22 68